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Hey friends, I post things here from time to time. Like many people, I'm still figuring out "my voice" and deciding what topics to write on. At the moment there is no "strategy" for what to post because I've been focused on other things. Right now I'm super inspired by Maggie Appleton's "digital gardening" concept, so I may experiment with that idea here.

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Ryan Clover,
Maple Creative

Design Tips: Watching your line length

By Ryan Clover | November 12, 2018

Line length is how long a line of text is from left to right. Paragraph length is how long the paragraph is. This kind of stuff really matters on your website – because people will get distracted and can very quickly decide to leave the page. You won’t even have a chance to show them all…

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Announcing Maple Creative!!!

By Ryan Clover | September 8, 2018

Happy new moon! Just as the seasons are shifting into autumn, the project we’ve been working on for months is finally ready for the world – introducing Maple Creative. Maple Creative is a collaborative design agency that specializes in websites for online course creators and communities. We take on projects that have a purpose and…

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