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Community Builder Summit hosted by Circle

By Ryan Clover | September 19, 2023

I’ve picked a few sessions to look forward to at the upcoming Community Builder Summit hosted by Circle. Circle is the platform I use for the…

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Why educators should practice virtual facilitation

By Ryan Clover | September 3, 2023

There are many paths to becoming a facilitator and it starts with a dedication to creating real transformation for students. Last year around this time I…

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A few reasons to replace your WordPress form plugin with an embedded form

By Ryan Clover | September 2, 2023

If you’ve had your website for any length of time, you’ve probably felt the pain of spammy contact form submissions. No matter what security feature you…

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Building a Generous Business 🍁 🪣

By Ryan Clover | March 25, 2023

Last weekend I visited a friend’s sugar bush and drank some of the fresh sap flowing from the trees. It was delicious 🙂 It was also…

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Behind the Scenes of a Virtual Summit

By Ryan Clover | November 12, 2022

An online summit is a unique kind of event – a compression of many different topics into a multi-session (often multi-day) event. This is the 4th…

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Want to build a community around your work?

By Ryan Clover | October 3, 2022

If you’re an educator or organizer of any capacity I am really excited to tell you about this week’s Community Business Summit hosted by Tatiana Figueiredo,…

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The 16 essential website skills to save time and grow your business

By Ryan Clover | June 1, 2022

Instead of guessing what you need to build a website – start with a 16-question website skills assessment.

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Planning and Planting at Maple Creative

By Ryan Clover | May 25, 2022

Last month I told you about Ecosia and gave you a list of our nature-aligned clients. Well, I am LOVING Ecosia and it’s my default search…

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🌎 Happy Earth Day!

By Ryan Clover | April 22, 2022

For a long time, I would feel grumpy about earth day. Considering the situation of our planet, it should be earth day every day. But now…

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Here’s the camera setup we use for Zoom meetings and Online courses

By Ryan Clover | March 25, 2022

If you teach online, and especially if you want to create your own high-quality videos from your desk, you might be ready to invest in your…

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