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Jump ahead with our most tested software

Lucky for you, I’ve done the research and testing. Just ask Friede, who has had to listen to me talk about whatever new software for hours on end. Trust us. Save your relationships by using my recommended tools below.

Here are my top choices for tools ranging from websites to creative writing, podcasts, events, communities, and online programs.

Since relationships are at the core of Maple, I only recommend for things I actually use and love. I’ve also become an affiliate partner with the most essential tools, which means we get a kickback- Thanks for using them!

Questions about anything? I’m happy to share more examples and talk about what might work for you. Contact us using the chat button in the bottom right (HelpScout, btw)

Software Tools

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Creative Tools

Software recommendations to help expand, focus, and ship your best ideas. These apply to websites as well as online courses, content production, and other ways of creating value.

Design Tools

Software recommendations to create the style of your website and brand. Design is the personality and feeling behind your work and creates a familiar and trusted experience for visitors.


Software recommendations to help grow your audience and impact. Marketing is about being generous and earning permission to offer your solution.


Software recommendations to manage your business or organization. These tools help keep things organized, on track, and simple. They range from personal knowledge management (PKM) to financial management, invoicing, and productivity.