Your website represents you all day, every day.

Are you showing up online the way you want to?

I recently had a meeting to discuss redesigning a website, so I clicked on the link to see what it looked like. I was confused... it was clearly professionally designed, and had excellent headshots, and quotes.

But it didn't fit. She didn't feel like it represented her and her vision at all. It wasn't working for her either. She was getting the wrong kinds of inquiries and wasn't growing in the direction she wanted.

Here's the problem. It doesn't matter how polished and professional your website looks, it needs to match your vision.

After all, it's how you connect with people – specifically, it's how you connect with the people who "get" what you do. You don't need to change to fit the way you're "supposed to" be. You just need to be you.

I started Maple Creative in 2014, and this is why I do it... because these collaborations light me up. I jump out of bed every morning excited to co-create with my clients who are doing truly inspiring and transformational work.

Maybe our next project is your project, let's talk 😊 Book a 15 minute consult to discuss your ideas or sign-up for the free website guide I created here.

Ryan Clover, Maple Creative

πŸ‘‹ Hello! I'm Ryan Clover,

I'm the digital gardener here at Maple Creative. I'm also a dad, songwriter, and budding orchardist. Here's some of what we're working on these days at Maple:

  • Founder and instructor at Build Your Website Essentials – a cohort-based program that includes a Sapling Website. buildwithmaple.com/course
  • Community Operations Design for Halt the Harm Network – Building a Stronger and More Connected Movement to Fight Oil & Gas, halttheharm.net
  • Online Program Launch for BotanicWise and Dr. Christopher Hobbs, medicinal mushroom author and educator.

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If you have an existing website, and you know your website could do better, hire me for a Rapid Results Consultation.

This marketing audit gives you actionable feedback based on a full review of your website and digital systems.

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Want the structure and support of a client project, but happy to go through the process with a group?

Build Your Website Essentials is our 5 week group program that includes a customized website and complete guide to adding your vision, content, and style.

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Professional websites, media campaigns, and online course services require an initial conversation to better understand your goals and to provide an accurate estimate.

Larger collaborations begin with Roadmapping, a 2-week consulting package that results in a well-researched project plan with clear action steps to achieve your goals.

Version 2

"I knew nothing, so I have literally learned every single thing I now know about websites either from Ryan, or from resources that Ryan made or recommended. I would still be miserable and stuck on Weebly if it weren't for Ryan!"

~ Rachel Conroy, Kinship and Company

Eve's Cidery is building an audience that supports their vision

Eve's Cidery is a farm-based business. The owners, Autumn and Ezra, are involved in all the day-to-day operations, from planting and pruning to pressing and bottling cider. After I created their new website redesign, they wanted monthly support so they could start building an online business and become less reliant on distributors.

Their website tells their story and grows an online audience of fans who are excited to buy each new vintage they release from the farm.

A well-designed and well-managed website can help a business become more sustainable. The Maple Care Plan was developed with small businesses like Eve's Cidery in mind. Autumn and Ezra get regular reports so they can be informed on every change, as well as important stats about their traffic and sales.

Care Plans | Our Work

Eve's Mockup

Ryan gives our website the level of professionalism we need to grow the online aspects of our cider business, ultimately making us more independent.

Autumn Stoscheck, Eve's Cidery

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