Outgrow Technical Issues and Start Attracting Visitors

Your website needs help. We have the process to get it done.


There are 4 key areas where Maple can help you grow:

  1. Refine your website strategy
  2. Identify a process of regular growth
  3. Design and develop a brand new website
  4. Free up creative energy with ongoing support

We specialize reader-focused website design. We do this through listening and iteration. This is the cycle of growing an effective and meaningful organization or business you're proud of.

Services include strategy, design, development, care plans, and creative retainers. Our retainer slots are currently full with first access opened to our waiting list.

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On Demand


You can choose from three distinct consulting services to make sure you're leveraging your time and budget wisely for your website.

Roadmapping Projects ($1,500) are for mapping out an entire project idea so you can know the time, cost, and value of your next project. This is all about bridging the gap between the outcomes you have in your head (more traffic, more sales, increased revenue, better image) and the specific projects to implement. More details here.

Rapid Results Consultation ($595) is about identifying the tiny changes that can give you big results. It's a one-time consultation to review your website goals, followed by a complete audit, over the shoulder video review, and actions to do list to improve your website conversion rate and long term growth. Read more.

One-time Marketing Consultation ($275) is for getting unstuck and making quick progress. Book these on-demand for $275, or consider a retainer if you want more regular consulting. Book here.

Consulting is the fastest way to get your website on track and make sure you're getting value from everything you've invested so far. Each consulting session has clear deliverables and followups scheduled.


Website Care Plan

Most people find themselves wearing too many hats while managing their organization or business – and it turns out "web developer" is a pretty big hat to fill. It doesn't help that thousands of YouTube videos promise to have all the answers and make it easy. You've figured out by now that it's not so easy – in fact it's a huge waste of your time.

There's a reason you started your business and struggling with your website is not one of them.

Having a care plan gives you a dedicated support staff to help you with your website, keep things updated, and make changes for you.

If there's an issue, you have someone to delegate that to so you can move on with your busy day. Apply for a care plan or book a call to see if your website is a fit.

4 - 12 Week Process

Full Service Design

Some projects require a dedicated investment in design, attention, and love. If that's what you need, you probably feel it in your gut.

Be warned though... Most agencies will pitch a solution without doing any real research. It should be the other way around.

You should only get an estimate once you have a clear plan to achieve specific objectives.

We begin all creative engagements with a Roadmapping Project. This is a 2 week process to learn about your goals, research solutions, and create a plan for how your website will provide a reliable return on your investment.

Before you invest in a project, start with a Website Roadmapping Project for $1,500.

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On Demand

Day-Rate Design

Day rate projects allow you schedule focused support when you need it most. Running an organization has a lot of moving parts – and important details can slip through and become expensive problems. If you need help, but not exactly sure where to start, consider a day-rate approach to bring some dedicated expertise to your project. Day rate projects can apply to email marketing campaigns, online course development, and website re-designs.

You can hire us for a full day ($950) or a half-day ($500).

This approach protects you from open-ended hourly rates that often lack a clear and expected outcome.

Instead, we figure out the best way to achieve your goal within the budget you want to spend. Design isn't just about looks, it's also about prioritizing the most effective way to achieve your goal.

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3 Months +

Creative on Retainer

Maple's retainer service was developed from years of 1:1 partnerships with online course creators, small businesses, and non-profit organizations.

If your project is growing and you need a team – the most reliable option is having an expert on retainer. The experience that we bring in online events, courses, and email marketing (to give a few examples) provides leverage and will protect you from costly mistakes.

The world needs the gifts you're sharing! The more people who can discover your work the greater difference it will make.

Retainer packages require a 3-month commitment and an initial conversation to see if we are a good fit. Space is limited and we only choose clients we know we can help grow.

⚠️ No vacancy. Openings will be announced to the interest list first. To join, schedule a call to discuss further.

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