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We succeed together, that's the deal

Since 2008 I've been working with community groups and small business owners on their websites and marketing.

Now, with Maple Creative, these services have become clarified and focused around three key areas, helping clients to

  1. Create an effective website
  2. Get the support and care they need
  3. Grow an email list with impressive open rates

All around the common theme of connecting with your audience and creating an online presence you're proud of.

Services boil down to writing, design, care plans, consulting, and good old fashioned custom WordPress development.

If you're new here, and looking for help building a website, check out my service/program, Build Your Website Essentials.

If you're looking for an agency partner to help you achieve something truly stunning and custom built around your goals – schedule a quick 15 minute call here.

And of course, connect with me anytime using the chat on this website, or emailing

Start with a Sapling Website

If you want to build it yourself or migrate your old website to a more modern, user friendly platform, then check out the Sapling Starter Kit included in the Build Your Website Essentials program.

This is a fully configured WordPress website with instructions to make it your own. We handle all the technical details so you can just start writing, changing colors, choosing fonts, images, etc...

This is more than a theme. It's professionally configured website with all the features of a typical $5,000 project. Only you can have it for just $750. The best part is that you're not on your own. The Sapling Starter Kit includes one-on-one consultations and three months of a Maple Care Plan to help you get it set up.

Build A Website You Can Manage Yourself

An extension of the Sapling Starter Kit is my annual group program Build Your Website Essentials.

This is a 30 day program to help you get your website set up followed by 12 weeks of group sessions to help you tune your strategy and grow your audience.

The emphasis is on essentials because most courses will teach way to many thing from HTML and CSS to theme level editing.

My approach is to be as simple as possible, and since I provide care plans and support my goal is for clients to be independent and focused on their audience rather than learning technical things that are only relevant once in a while.

So yeah, I recommend you consider Build Your Website Essentials.

Website Care Plans & Maintenance


What would be different about your work if you didn't have to think about the technical aspects of your website ever again?

A care plan is a way to hand off the technical stuff so that you (or your team) can stay focused on serving your audience.

A care plan give you the relaxed feeling you get by knowing everything is taken care of. If there's an issue, you have someone to delegate that to so you can move on with your busy day.

Are you eligible for a care plan with Maple? Start a conversation with me to discuss your project. I only offer care plan services to people who would truly benefit from them.

Marketing Retainer Packages


What if you could delegate your website updates and publishing with a click of a button? What if you could have your own marketing team on reserve per-project?

My retainer packages exist to make high-value design and marketing strategy accessible to the everyday small business owner.

The world needs the incredible gifts you are sharing, and the more people who find out about your work, the greater difference it will make.

Retainer packages all require a 3 month starting commitment to save your spot on my calendar, if and when there is even an opening.

At this time, space for retainer packages are filled, but if you're interested in having consistent design or development help, please send me a quick message and start the conversation so I can add you to the waiting list.

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Want to talk about your website project or idea? Book a call.

Choose a time that works for you to meet on Zoom or chat on the phone. Any questions, contact me with the chat icon in the bottom right. Talk soon.