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Maple branches into 4 key areas of service, all focused on growing your audience and impact both on and offline:

  1. Consulting
  2. Custom Website Projects
  3. Website Care Plans
  4. Content Marketing
  5. Email Marketing Automation

I'd like to first learn about your work, some of the outreach goals that you're setting, and what you've tried so far. To get started and have your questions answered, schedule a quick 15 minute call here.

Consultation & Project Roadmapping


Maybe you don't actually need a new website? Maybe the problem can be solved in just an hour or two? Maybe you're missing a critical piece, and you don't even know to look for it.

Consultation is a chance to explain your situation, review your options, assess your risks, and create a plan of action.

You can schedule two types of consultations, Project Roadmapping and Rapid Results Consultation.

Project Roadmapping is all about giving your project idea the research, consideration, and strategy it needs to be effective. Without roadmapping first, a project proposal is guesswork at best. You deserve better.

Rapid Results Consultation is a service that gives you a clear action plan in a variety of areas; websites, email marketing, online courses, registration, etc... It's all about getting unstuck and identifying the ways you can get more from your website and marketing efforts.

Custom Website Projects


Do you need to build a website that achieves a specific result? Custom design is the best way to make sure your website is simple and focused – built around the way you work and what you want to accomplish.

Creating an online course? Running a non-profit? Promoting events?

These are specific and distinct types of websites, which is why templates end up causing more confusion in the long run.

Custom designed websites look and work exactly the way they are supposed to, and are remarkably simpler to manage because they're designed for what you need (and only that).

Unfortunately you can't get custom websites on demand – you need to start by scheduling a 15 minute call so we can meet, discuss your idea, and see where we can have the biggest impact for you. You, your idea, and your website deserve this kind of one-on-one attention.

Website Care Plans & Maintenance


What would be different about your work if you didn't have to think about the technical aspects of your website ever again?

A care plan is a way to hand off the technical stuff so that you (or your team) can stay focused on serving your audience.

A care plan give you the relaxed feeling you get by knowing everything is taken care of. If there's an issue, you have someone to delegate that to so you can move on with your busy day.

Are you eligible for a care plan with Maple? Start a conversation with me to discuss your project. I only offer care plan services to people who would truly benefit from them.

Content Marketing and Publishing


What if you could delegate your website updates and publishing with a click of a button? What if you could hire a professional marketing team on a per-project basis instead of breaking the bank?

Maple is unique because it's small. I'm excited to get to know your business or organization so that when you send me a document you need published I know exactly what to do and can do so efficiently.

Do you have something to publish? Check out the publishing form to see how easy it is to spin up a post. NOTE: This efficient, low-cost publishing service is a benefit for care plan clients only.

Content Marketing and Publishing


Email marketing automation is the driving factor behind a successful website. Essentially, it's your interactions with readers off your website that brings them back to your website to engage with your products and services.

Email automation is the way that you can keep engagement going without needing to sit at your computer all day answering messages. If you're goal is to build an audience online then my top recommendation is ConvertKit.

Choosing your segments, importing your subscribers, and setting up the automation workflows is daunting – which is why I created a quick start service to tailor the set up around your goals.

Get started with ConvertKit Quick Start, email automation consultation and account foundations, $750 one time investment

Get started with ConvertKit Audience Accelerator, $1,500 p/month for 3 months. This service is about warming up your subscribers to prepare for a product or service launch. This is how long it takes to nurture your list and see measurable outcomes from this project.

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Want to talk about your website project or idea? Book a call.

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