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Design & writing services have become clarified and focused around 4 key areas, helping online business owners;

  1. Create an effective website
  2. Free up creative energy with ongoing support
  3. Grow your revenue with sustainable repeat processes

Our work is all based on the common theme of connecting with your audience and creating an online presence you're proud of.

Services include strategy, design, development, care plans, and creative retainers.

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What Brings You Here?

🌰 I need a website

Whether you're rebuilding or starting from scratch we should start by discussing your goals.

Schedule a zero-pressure discovery call to talk about your website and I'll recommend the best option.

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🌱 I need support

Already have a working site but you know it could do better?

Schedule a website consultation or secure a care plan retainer to always have design and website development help when you need it.

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🌳 I need a team

You want a 1:1 partnership in managing your online course and marketing operations... well, that's our niche!

Retainer clients get a dedicated project dashboard and can reserve time just for them.

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4 Week – Group Coaching Program

Build Your Website Essentials

You don't need to struggle with website platforms or spend thousands of dollars on 1:1 designer support. This is the opposite of every other website building program out there.

Build Your Website Essentials is the only interactive group coaching program that provides a custom draft website – and gives you support to add your content and style.

Space is limited to just 24 students per-cohort and is based on the same process we've refined with over 100 client projects. You get weekly coaching, worksheets, accountability, and the Maple team is working at full capacity to support you and every other student during the cohort.

You don't need to learn technical skills to succeed in this program. It's structured so you can focus on your content and learning – setting you up for long term success using your website to make a difference with your work.

Custom Platform

Website Design Projects

Some projects require a little dedicated attention and love. If that's what you need you probably feel it in your gut.

Be warned... Most website agencies have pretty sophisticates sales techniques, but spend very little time actually planning a website project before they pitch it to you.

It should be the other way around. You should only get an estimate once you have a clear plan for building the website that is truly customized to achieve your specific needs.

When you hire Maple for custom projects we begin with Roadmapping. This is a 2 week process to learn about your business, research solutions, and create a plan for how your website will provide a reliable return on your investment.

Before you spend 5, 10, or 20k on a website, start with a Website Roadmapping Project for $950.

When you hire a designer it should be an investment, not an expense.

Quick Turnaround

Dedicated Design Day

Day rate projects allow you schedule focused support when you need it most. Building a business has a lot of moving parts – and it can be overwhelming. If you need help, but not exactly sure where to start, consider a day-rate approach to bring some dedicated expertise to your project. Day rate projects can apply to email marketing campaigns, online course development, and website re-designs.

You can hire us for a full day ($950) or a half-day ($500).

This approach protects you from open-ended hourly rates that often lack a clear and expected outcome.

Instead, we figure out the best way to achieve your goal within the budget you want to spend. Design isn't just about looks, it's also about prioritizing the most effective way to achieve your goal. Schedule a call to plan your day-rate project.

Ongoing Website Care

Care Plans & Maintenance

Most people find themselves wearing too many hats while managing their business – and it turns out "web developer" is a pretty big hat to fill. It doesn't help that thousands of YouTube videos promise to have all the answers and make it easy. You've figured out by now that it's not so easy – in fact it's a huge waste of your time.

There's a reason you started your business and struggling with your website is not one of them.

Having a care plan gives you a dedicated support staff to help you with your website, keep things updated, and make changes for you.

If there's an issue, you have someone to delegate that to so you can move on with your busy day. Apply for a care plan or book a call to see if your website is a fit.

Creative Services

Marketing Retainer Packages

There are lot of ways to hire virtual assistants and design help online, but few options for creative support from someone who really understands your work.

Maple's retainer service was developed from years of 1:1 partnerships with growing businesses, online course creators, and non-profit organizations.

If your project is growing and you need a team – the most reliable option is having an expert on retainer. The experience that we bring in online events, courses, and email marketing (to give a few examples) provides a lot of leverage and will protect you from costly mistakes.

The world needs the gifts you're sharing! The more people who can discover your work the greater difference it will make.

Retainer packages require a 3-month commitment and an initial conversation to see if we are a good fit.

→ Read our Retainer Getting Started Guide for details and pricing