See the whole picture

You have a website so you can lead. Your website is how you create first impressions and provide value.

Care plans give you:

  • More time to focus on your mission by clearing maintenance tasks from your to do list.
  • Embody your craft. Learn things that align more directly with your work.
  • Create original content and connection with your audience, the kind only you can create.

Delegating is the secret behind any successful organization because it keeps you focused on the bigger picture and moving toward your goals.

See past the technical issues
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Hone your craft

Most leaders find themselves wearing too many hats โ€“ and it turns out “web developer” is a big one. It’s never as easy as the ads say it is. In fact, it’s a huge waste of your time.

By staying true to your original vision you can have a bigger impact and reach more people.

Stop troubleshooting and start growing your business by moving your website to a supportive care plan service.

3-day Migrations

Basic migrations are free and can be completed in just 3 working days. There is no downtime, and we’ll complete a round of maintenance and small fixes along the way. This is a simple way to break free from the technical frustrations of cheap hosting.

Maple care plans are all-inclusive. Simply delegate your website changes and move on with your busy day. With a care plan you’ll have the dedicated support you need to keep things up to date, fresh, and growing.

Our packages provide all the essentials, nothing less. Anytime you need us, we’re just a quick email away.

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Let’s talk about your website

If you’re looking for professional care you’ve probably experienced the nightmare of cheap hosting. It’s a constant casino game of upsells, gimmics, and surprises.

With a care plan you’ll have more space to focus and your website will be secure, backed up, and up to date. You’ll always have priority support whenever you need it.

Does this sound like a fit? Please fill out a brief application to get the process started. Then we’ll schedule a quick chat to discuss any other details.

Website Care Plans

Answers to your most pressing questions:

Q. What software do you include?

The software included in a care plan depends on the specific plan chosen. However, all care plans include managed WordPress hosting by Flywheel, Fathom Analytics, premium WordPress themes to choose from. Other tools and software may also be included, such as Rank Math for SEO optimization, Gravity Forms for advanced form building, and specialized page builder plugins that fit your needs.

Q. Do you really offer unlimited edits?

Yes! We offer unlimited edits on your existing content and designs. For obvious reasons this cannot be used to complete redesign your website. It’s about removing the barriers to improving your website.

It should be easy to update a cover image, hide an outdated announcement, or add a quick announcement banner to your site.

New page design and development, content creation, publishing, plugin configuration, feature building, product management, and other additions to a website may require additional scope.

Q. How do I manage my subscription?

As a care plan client you will have a login where you can manage your subscription, see previous invoices, and view performance reports. For professional and growth plans, you will be provided an additional portal with shared files, custom tutorials, and goal tracking reports.

Q. How many websites can I host with you?

You can host additional sites on the same (or lower) tier for 50% off and manage everything in the same convenient dashboard and support ticket system.

Q. Do you have a cheaper plan?

Yes, for qualifying websites we offer a Basic Care plan that is only $45 monthly. This is for small websites with minimal needs โ€“ so still includes the essentials such as managed hosting, backups, security, uptime monitoring and priority support. However this plan does not include the workshops, unlimited edits, and plugin updates โ€“ which is why it’s ideal for smaller websites that aren’t as focused on growing an audience.

Q. Why do I need to update plugins?

A plugin is third-party software installed on your website โ€“ much like the apps you install on your phone or computer. These need to be kept up to date in order for your website to be functional and secure. Failing to update plugins could expose your website to security breaches, or worse, you could lose your site altogether.

With a care plan we’ll update your plugins every week and provide reports on the maintenance we complete. Our update process also makes sure there are no issues after an update is run. If anything comes up we’re notified and reach out to plugin developers on your behalf to resolve it.

If you do not have a care plan with plugin updates you will need to update these yourself and resolve anything that comes up.

Q. What kind of workshops do you offer?

I’m so glad you asked! We’re passionate about helping clients have an impact with their website. Topics include email marketing, copy writing, outreach, surveys, audience management, and automation.

Providing workshops is how we uphold our value of generosity, impact, and community. As a care plan client you’ll have access to our own private Circle Community, a place to see upcoming trainings, access recordings, and explore the growth of your platform.

Q. How often do you back up my website?

A new backup of your website is created every 24 hours, 7 days a week, ensuring that we always have the option to rollback a version of your website if something goes wrong.

It takes about 5 minutes to restore a backup, which gives both of us peace of mind, always having a backup plan.

We store backups for 30 days, and for Professional sites we keep an additional set of backups for a full 12 months so we can always reference earlier versions of your website if we need to.

Q. How do I get help?

Anytime you need help just email with your request. This creates a ticket in our system, which are assigned to the correct team member and resolved via email.

Q. What if I need support beyond the care plan?

If you need help with a project outside the scope of your care plan, send a support ticket to with as much detail as possible about what you need.

We’re happy to provide an estimate for the new design or development tasks you’re looking for help with. We’re also happy to introduce you to developers who might be a better fit for the task on hand.