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I send occasional emails with blog posts, live events, and examples of clients who are building their businesses through generosity, teaching, live events, and coordinating it all through their website.

Every time I create a website, host a summit or launch a course I'm taking notes, recording screen shares, and documenting my process.

I share these things in the Maple community, but only subscribers and clients receive invites. Signup below to get on that list.

My objective is to share the best knowledge and resources that can help you have a greater impact for the people you serve.

I share everything about how I work, the tools I use, and the systems that I've set up for clients to help them get results.

I look forward to meeting you and learning about your work!

Recent Posts

Community Builder Summit hosted by Circle

By Ryan Clover | September 19, 2023

I’ve picked a few sessions to look forward to at the upcoming Community Builder Summit hosted by Circle. Circle is the platform I use for the Maple Community as well as many of our clients who we’ve completed community design projects for. β†’ See the agenda and schedule here Over the past seven years I’ve…

Why educators should practice virtual facilitation

By Ryan Clover | September 3, 2023

There are many paths to becoming a facilitator and it starts with a dedication to creating real transformation for students. Last year around this time I made the decision to join Breakthrough Facilitation, the best way I know of to learn the skills needed to increase participation in virtual meetings, workshops, and courses. If you…

A few reasons to replace your WordPress form plugin with an embedded form

By Ryan Clover | September 2, 2023

If you’ve had your website for any length of time, you’ve probably felt the pain of spammy contact form submissions. No matter what security feature you enable, it keeps coming in! More and more spammers are using AI to wiggle their way into your priority inbox, website forms, and bypass Captcha. Beyond annoying it can…

Building a Generous Business 🍁 πŸͺ£

By Ryan Clover | March 25, 2023

Last weekend I visited a friend’s sugar bush and drank some of the fresh sap flowing from the trees. It was delicious πŸ™‚ It was also a reminder to start sharing some tools, tips, and lessons here in the Maple newsletter! I created this website planning board to help small business owners slow down a…

Behind the Scenes of a Virtual Summit

By Ryan Clover | November 12, 2022

An online summit is a unique kind of event – a compression of many different topics into a multi-session (often multi-day) event. This is the 4th online summit I’ve helped organize – this time for a network of leaders working to protect their communities from the harms of the oil & gas industry. It’s called…

Want to build a community around your work?

By Ryan Clover | October 3, 2022

If you’re an educator or organizer of any capacity I am really excited to tell you about this week’s Community Business Summit hosted by Tatiana Figueiredo, October 4-6th. Long before I started website and online course design I was an event planner. It started as a teen hosting touring bands and evolved into my twenties…

The 16 essential website skills to save time and grow your business

By Ryan Clover | June 1, 2022

Instead of guessing what you need to build a website – start with a 16-question website skills assessment.

Planning and Planting at Maple Creative

By Ryan Clover | May 25, 2022

Last month I told you about Ecosia and gave you a list of our nature-aligned clients. Well, I am LOVING Ecosia and it’s my default search engine. Besides planting trees, it’s giving me better search results too. Coming up are a series of Springtime workshops to help you plan (or clarify) your website. This is…

🌎 Happy Earth Day!

By Ryan Clover | April 22, 2022

For a long time, I would feel grumpy about earth day. Considering the situation of our planet, it should be earth day every day. But now I appreciate that it’s giving me a prompt to finally send an update to you and everyone else subscribed here to Maple. Happy Earth Day! Today I want to…

Here’s the camera setup we use for Zoom meetings and Online courses

By Ryan Clover | March 25, 2022

If you teach online, and especially if you want to create your own high-quality videos from your desk, you might be ready to invest in your camera and audio setup. Good audio is the first priority to provide a good experience to your audience. Good video is mostly about good lighting and depth of field.…