Welcome to Maple,

We are a design studio nestled in the hills of the finger lakes.

We help small businesses, educators, and non-profits create a website and run a business that they are proud of. We love our clients and most of them love us too πŸ˜‰


πŸ‘‹ Hello! I'm Ryan Clover,

I'm the digital gardener here at Maple Creative. I'm also a dad, songwriter, and budding orchardist. Here's my @Now Page and some of what we're working on these days at Maple:

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πŸ‘‹ Hello! I'm Friede Sander,

I'm an artist, herbalist, parent, and co-owner of Maple Creative. I'm passionate about design and am currently amazed that the moon not only creates tides in the ocean but also tides in mountains and cities. The skyscrapers in Manhattan grow and shrink 14 inches twice a day. Wow.

I am mostly involved in the visioning aspects of Maple, how we shift and grow as a business and as a family. I keep a pulse on our projects, book keeping and build and design some of our client sites too. You will often find me hosting various herbal webinars for our clients, which is my absolute favorite part about what I get to do with Maple.

KHR Headshot

πŸ‘‹ Hello! I'm Kevin Richardson,

I’m freelance consultant, writer, and community organizer with a background in environmental advocacy and a graduate degree in Japanese environmental history. I love running, being a dad to two small boys, and reading everything from physics to history.

  • Strategic Campaign Support: Providing strategic, technical, and organizing support for grassroots leaders in the Halt the Harm Network who are fighting oil & gas pollution β†’ halttheharm.net
  • Event Planning & Hosting: Planning and hosting regular webinars and informative virtual β€œteatimes” for the American Solar Grazing Association β†’ https://solargrazing.org/
  • Website Design: Creating custom websites for individuals, small businesses, and nonprofit groups
  • Communications & Outreach: Writing and developing email campaigns, website content, personal outreach to recruit members and supporters
AC_Stauble HeadShot.2.2022

πŸ‘‹ Hello! I'm AC Stauble,

I'm a community herbalist and organizer, a farmer, and an adventurer. I create handmade herbal products under the name Traveling Herb Farmer. My podcast, the Plant Cunning Podcast offers a weekly deep dive with esteemed guests in the herbal, farming, magic, and spiritual communities.

I support Maple Creative clients with their online course promotion, email marketing, and affiliate management. I'm also thrilled to be in a community management role with clients to engage their online community with live events, thought-provoking questions, polls, and posts.

Lindsay King Headshot 2020 Cropped

πŸ‘‹ Hello! I'm Lindsay King,

I'm a writer, designer, and nonprofit leader. Along with supporting website projects at Maple, I work with ThirdPath Institute to support workplaces to create better paths to work-life integration, and I am also a freelance arts and culture journalist, where I write primarily about dance.

I have a graduate degree in Jewish and gender history. If I'm not watching dance or hanging with my kids, you can probably find me gardening or planning a new trip.

At Maple, I work on website design and content writing projects. I love discovering the best graphic and written tools to help clients build the communities they envision. My favorite part of the work is meeting and working directly with the unique and creative entrepreneurs and social leaders we work with at Maple.

Maple, A Brief History

Maple started in 2014, in an off grid cabin overlooking a slowly drifting river. Playfully called the "shabin", it was home and office in 420 square feet. We began building websites by lantern light and kept our laptop batteries charged at our neighbors barn. Yup, we sure did!

Ryan with our old truck after completing his first website project. Shayla was still a gangly puppy.
Ryan with our old truck after completing his first website project. Shayla was still a gangly puppy.
The shabin during a flood that covered our valley, luckily the cabin was built on stilts.
The shabin during a flood that covered our valley, luckily the cabin was built on stilts.

Today we are hooked to 50 feet of solar panels and running our studio out of our very own barn. We've added running marketing campaigns, assisting with online course development, online event coordination, and our very own Build Your Website Essentials DIY course to our docket of "things we do".

In 2019 we brought on Jamala, our first team member, and we are so glad that we did. It's been such a pleasure to work with her and we hope that you get that opportunity. In 2021 we started to really build our team and in 2022 we are proud to say that we have a kick ass team who are busily and joyfully chugging along at all the projects.

We are grateful for our staff, our clients, and the ideas that drive and fuel our work. Thank you!

And a big loving Thank You to Cayuta Creek for giving us so much awe and inspiration while we lived along your muddy banks.