Workers United NY NJ

Project Goals

Workers United NY NJ is a union working tirelessly to help empower workers across many service industries in New York and New Jersey. Their innovative campaigns include efforts to help coffee shop workers stand up to Starbucks and to organize marginalized workers in New York’s nail salon industry. Their staff needed a website that could serve as a powerful landing page for workers to learn about their campaigns and find out how to get involved.

Our Solution

We designed a website that showed off the power and vibrancy of their campaigns while being accessible to a wide audience of workers. We made sure that the website was easy for their staff to update and we set up a Care Plan designed to provide regular support for larger updates to relieve their staff so they could focus on the work they need to do. 


Workers United has a website they can trust is being well managed on the backend and highly functional on the front end. Their staff is easily able to add news updates and press releases, and they know that when big new campaigns arise, they have a trusted team at Maple to create new pages, such as the Tabletop Workers campaign page we just launched for them. Avatar