Halt the Harm Network

Project Goals

The agency who set up the first version of halttheharm.net made it difficult to manage independently, and Netcentric Campaigns was locked into expensive developer fees even for slight changes of content. The goal of this project was to rebuild their website on a new platform they could manage themselves and use to empower a network of leaders to be more effective in their campaigns against harmful oil & gas development. 

Our Solution

Our solution was to rebuild the website using software that the Netcentric Campaigns team would love using, making it easy for them to make changes on their website as Halt the Harm Network expanded. For this project, our design focused on information, structure, and user-friendly tools. 


Over the years, the new website has been able to grow its membership and launch a series of webinars to engage new leaders in the network. The new design is organized in a way that helps visitors get involved in the movement and access services that can support their campaigns.

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