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Back from parental leave :-) Here are the updates.

By Ryan Clover | October 20, 2019

Dear friends, It’s about time I shared what’s been going on here at Maple Creative (and a little of my personal life). Starting Monday, October 21st my booking calendar will be back online if you need to grab a spot in my calendar. Updates & Website Launches: Fixed up (and moved into) a little house…

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Using Featured Images In Your Blog Posts

By Ryan Clover | February 17, 2019

You know when you see an excerpt of a post included alongside the link, and there’s usually an image? That’s a featured image. It’s the image that is connected to the content. It is what it sounds like it is. You can add feature images to any post or page in WordPress when you’re in…

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How a video habit can help you grow your audience and overcome “writer’s block”

By Ryan Clover | February 13, 2019

Video is my learning edge at the moment, so I wanted to share some reflections on my process along with some thoughts of WHY I’m committing to using video. I’ve been convinced that video is a platform that any small business owner or educator needs to get comfortable with. I’ll share some of my own…

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Behind the scene of my first online course launch (for myself)

By Ryan Clover | February 5, 2019

Until Thursday, enrollment is open for my new online program, WordPress Publishing Essentials. Woohoo!!! Four years ago I started getting curious about online courses, and dreamed of creating a way to share what I was learning about design and marketing. This was right at the start of my business and I was working with Eve’s Cidery…

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Introducing the new “blocks editor” for blog posts

By Ryan Clover | January 19, 2019

WordPress had an exciting update, the new “blocks editor”, which has been throwing the world of page builders for a spin – but not here at Maple. For us, this change is exciting. It gives us some improvements in the publishing workflow and doesn’t affect (or compete with) the page builder one bit. More on…

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What is a care plan for anyways?

By Ryan Clover | January 18, 2019

Want an inside look into Maple Care plans? The best way is to pretend you just bought one and read the Getting Started Guide that is provided for new care plan clients. Click here to check out the Getting Started With Your Website Care Plan Guide Ready to get your website in tip-top shape? Enroll…

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How to set up and style your events calendar

By Ryan Clover | January 16, 2019

An events calendar is an awesome feature. It takes the posts you’re already used to on your website and adds the ability to have a date, time, venue, and organizer. Learn all about The Events Calendar at In this post, I’ll show you how you can use Maple to customize the events calendar look…

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Everything you need to know about headers (H1, H2, H3, H4….)

By Ryan Clover | November 21, 2018

This article will help you in two ways. You can learn why headers will save you so much time, and how to use them when you’re writing for your website You have a post on your website that you can use when experimenting with headers in the customizer What are heading tags? A heading tag…

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Eve’s Cidery uses a Maple Website to tell their story

By Ryan Clover | November 18, 2018

Eve’s Cidery is a truly farm based business. The owners, Autumn and Ezra, are involved in all the day to day operations, from planting and pruning to pressing and bottling cider. After Ryan created their new website redesign, they wanted monthly support so they could start building an online business and become less reliant on…

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Using templates to spark great blog content

By Ryan Clover | November 12, 2018

You want blog content people will read, share, and respond to – and you don’t want to spend a lot of time and money creating content that doesn’t align with best practices (SEO, readability, etc…) Reading on a screen or phone is a radically different experience than reading a book. Your readers are likely scanning…

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