Free Staging Sites for Clients!

By Ryan Clover | March 15, 2020

Do you ever want to experiment with something, try out a theme, or start developing that cool idea that’s been whirling around in your head? A staging site is the perfect place to do that. Especially now that Maple is providing themes and sample websites you can use to get started. What’s a staging site?…

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Announcing Remote Work Essentials

By Ryan Clover | March 12, 2020

Hey friends, This week has been a flurry of cancellations and tough choices. As a library director, I’m busy writing a remote work plan for 15 employees, many of whom are trying to figure out what their life will be like now that Cornell has cancelled classes and shifted to online programs for the rest…

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Avoid the Money Pit, Choosing the right theme for your custom WordPress site

By Ryan Clover | March 9, 2020

There is this HUGE confusion around WordPress themes I want you to understand – so after reading through this post you’ll be able to choose a theme wisely and avoid the money pit. Here’s the big secret. Themes are confused with templates. Most people browse through themes looking for something that looks they way they…

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Defining the Work : My plan to reclaim the weekend

By Ryan Clover | December 7, 2019

Project management isn’t about reminding people to work – it’s about clearly defining the work so that it’s actionable. How do we know project management is working? Well, turns out, we can measure it. Project management can be measured by how relaxed everybody is on their days off 🙂 That includes clients. Project management is…

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Core Biz Values of Maple Creative

By Ryan Clover | December 6, 2019

Core Values are the ideals that hold true regardless of the project you’re working on or the customers you’re currently serving. They represent the guiding vision for your work.  For me, I didn’t start Maple Creative to earn money. Of course, I want to make a living doing what I love, but the reason I…

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General Administrative Assistant Position Available, January 2020

By Ryan Clover | November 20, 2019

Summary Maple is hiring a general administrative assistant to help with regular business operations and client support. We would meet weekly to review tasks, client requests, and improve our processes. Part time, 5 – 10 hours a week, $25-$40 /hour with room to grow. Please take a look and if you believe you’re a perfect…

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Back from parental leave :-) Here are the updates.

By Ryan Clover | October 20, 2019

Dear friends, It’s about time I shared what’s been going on here at Maple Creative (and a little of my personal life). Starting Monday, October 21st my booking calendar will be back online if you need to grab a spot in my calendar. Updates & Website Launches: Fixed up (and moved into) a little house…

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Using Featured Images In Your Blog Posts

By Ryan Clover | February 17, 2019

You know when you see an excerpt of a post included alongside the link, and there’s usually an image? That’s a featured image. It’s the image that is connected to the content. It is what it sounds like it is. You can add feature images to any post or page in WordPress when you’re in…

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How a video habit can help you grow your audience and overcome “writer’s block”

By Ryan Clover | February 13, 2019

Video is my learning edge at the moment, so I wanted to share some reflections on my process along with some thoughts of WHY I’m committing to using video. I’ve been convinced that video is a platform that any small business owner or educator needs to get comfortable with. I’ll share some of my own…

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Behind the scene of my first online course launch (for myself)

By Ryan Clover | February 5, 2019

Until Thursday, enrollment is open for my new online program, WordPress Publishing Essentials. Woohoo!!! Four years ago I started getting curious about online courses, and dreamed of creating a way to share what I was learning about design and marketing. This was right at the start of my business and I was working with Eve’s Cidery…

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