Intern with Maple

3 Month Web Design Internship Available, June – August 2022

Want to gain experience working with a mission-focused creative and design agency?

Maple Creative is offering an internship opportunity where you can get experience in :

  • working with clients
  • website design and development
  • freelance business management
  • marketing and campaign design
  • email marketing automation
  • mobile app development
  • solving interesting problems.

Support Work You Care About

During this internship, you will create a website for a community organization looking for website help. We’ll work together on the project which will give you experience in every stage from design to launch. You can also propose an organization you already work with to meet these criteria.

Gain Experience

You’ll have opportunities to research and solve interesting problems with clients and help them make changes to their websites.

Perks & Compensation

This is a partially paid position.

  • $300 per website you work on
  • Weekly training
  • Shadowing client meetings and strategy sessions
  • 1-year access to Maple Creative online programs ($1,250 value)
  • Sapling Care Plan for your own website ($660 /yearly value)


You don’t need to know all the answers.

To succeed in this position and to grow into full-time creative work you simply need the drive to solve problems and make an effort to connect with your clients.

Training is included but you need:

  • 10 – 20 hours a week
  • Reliable Computer
  • Reliable Internet connection
  • Excited to learn everything you can to be more effective with your tools

Next Steps

Contact me right away at if you’re interested in this internship.

Ryan Clover

Designer and founder of Maple Creative, providing technical wizardry for activists, educators, and small business owners who are out to change the world.