Domain Management

While managing domains is easy with tools like Hover, it’s still a big responsibility – one that many website owners would prefer to delegate.

After all, it’s the address for your website. If something went awry you could miss traffic, have security issues, and even risk losing your domain to another buyer – trust me, it’s very hard to get it back.

To set up domain management, send a ticket to and let us know. I’m happy to help you get set up so you don’t have to worry about it ever again.


Domain management is just $7 /month, or $75 /year. It’s service that gives you expert support setting up your domains in a secure, private, and easily managed account at, our recommended registrar.

To get started with professional domain management, send me a message at and we’ll get you started.

What does domain management include?

  • Managing secure credentials to your registrar
  • Providing support that’s knowledgeable about you and your website
  • The first priority for technical tasks, forwards, account setup, anything you need to be done
  • Support setting up and managing email accounts related to your domain

Stay true to your craft, and so we will too.

Ryan Clover

Designer and founder of Maple Creative, providing technical wizardry for activists, educators. and small business owners who are out to change the world.