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Life Skills That Matter When Growing a Business

I had a chance to chat with Stephen Warley, host of the podcast Life Skills That Matter. Listen to episode 346 on his website here.

Even though the title is about becoming a freelance web developer, we don’t really talk about programming or anything like that. This is the story of growing a business starting with community work and eventually creating a process to get reliable results for clients.

Stephen focuses on life skills, and it was fun to hear him reflect some of the skills I’ve learned work for my business.

  • Build community.
  • Self-directed learning.
  • Embracing discomfort

Stephen’s mission is helping people learn the skills they need to work for themselves. He’s certainly qualified from growing his own business, but through his podcast he’s now interviewed over 345 people on this topic!

On each episode, Stephen summarizes the:

  • Life skills brought up in the episode
  • How each guest works and thinks
  • Inspirational quotes
  • Coaching Advice
  • Resources and materials

I love this format. It’s a great way to get to know someone, and a fantastic model for episode show notes.


Check it out,

Consider Stephen’s Accelerator Program

He runs an accelerator program to help people get all the ducks in order for self-employment in 30 days. Part of the accelerator is bringing in experts to talk on topics such as legal contracts, websites, branding… and Stephen leads each student from idea to business model.

I’m excited to announce I’ll be the website expert in his Fall 2020 accelerator, teaching and helping students get their websites set up.

Ryan Clover

Designer and founder of Maple Creative, providing technical wizardry for activists, educators, and small business owners who are out to change the world.