Free Services by Maple

Don't have a budget to work with me? That's okay! I will still do my best to help you out, answer your questions, and provide a recommendation (if you're looking for that). Contact me any time using the help center in the bottom right.

Generosity, by design, has a transformative potential for our economy.

Instead of spending money on marketing, I dedicate time to answering website questions, providing workshops and training, and creating and contributing to online courses. Turns out, this works just as good (if not better) than spending money on marketing, business cards, and SEO efforts.

A Win-Win Business Model

The Maple business model allows me to provide tons of free value to anyone who wants it. There is an abundance of information and I am no hoarder. If I can help, I will, so just ask.

You can also apply for a complete website design and development project below.

Even the free work is outcome-oriented. You'll get a contract with clear scope and everything you'll expect from a professional project. This way we can define the outcomes and get everyone on the same page. Your time is valuable and all projects get an equal commitment.

Who is eligible for free marketing consulting and websites?

Great question – and I generally approach this on a case by case basis... but here are some examples of the types of clients that I've done free work for in the past:

  • An organization that does free work (community center, environmental campaign)
  • Any person or business that is focused on helping wild animals or wild nature to thrive
  • Any person, business, or organization that is explicitly talking about racial justice and equity

And here's the thing, many of my paying clients are already doing many of these things anyway... so really it comes down to budget, access to funds, time, and other factors that I consider on a case by case basis.

Some of the other criteria might be:

  • How likely is it that I can help you?
  • Can I provide unique leverage you can't get somewhere else, or with a volunteer?
  • Would a website and marketing plan make the difference in your goals right now?

Tell me about your project, I'm excited to hear from you:

How do you like to describe your work?

Back to your project for a minute...

How would we work together to reach the end of the project? What would that mean to the work you're doing?