Website Care Plans

Hosting, security, plugin updates, software licenses, mailing lists, content development...

There are a lot of responsibilities as the owner of a website. Maple care plans allow you to stay focused on serving your audience instead of getting tangled in technical things.

When you sign up for a Maple Care Plan you get instant access to an online course and support portal. Then you'll schedule your first consultation call to arrange for a website migration and maintenance update.

Working with Ryan on a regular basis gives our website the level of professionalism we needed to grow the online aspects of our cider business, ultimately making us more independent."

Autumn Stoscheck, Eve's Cidery

Focus on your best work

Having a professional designer and writer helping you managing your website means you have more time to do what you love. What would be different about your work if you didn't have to think about the technical aspects of your website ever again? A standard hosting plan gives you unlimited website edits, managed WordPress hosting, and really puts you in a position to take action.

Managed WordPress Hosting

Security, caching, user access and ownership – managed hosting gives you control without the extra work.

Intuitive Editing Software

Edit your website pages with Maple Builder, easily swapping images or adding text and unique effects.

Understand Your Audience

Organize your contacts by location and interests, and send messages they will look forward to.

Your Own Expert Contact

I've got your back with 1-on-1 support to help you manage your website – even editing it.

User-Focused Design

The Maple platform isn't for the masses, it's customized for your needs from the start.

Email, Courses, Content

Support goes beyond your website, helping you keep the big picture balanced with what to do next.

Regular Maintenance

Done for you maintenance and software updates to keep your website healthy and growing.

Transactional Websites

From contact forms to student registrations to eCommerce – you have powerful options.

Analytics and Insight

You can see how readers are interacting with your website and make smarter decisions.

Apply for a Website Care Plan

The "sapling" plan is perfect for newer websites and starts at just $55 /month with an annual plan. The professional and standard plans are designed for high-impact websites. Set things up right, and you'll get there soon enough. Questions? Contact me (Ryan) to discuss the support you're looking for and decide if you'd like to test out working with Maple.


$250 $225 /month
$250 /month
  • For eCommerce, membership sites, and event based websites that require a bit of extra love and attention.
  • All the security and stability of Managed WordPress Hosting
  • Maple Builder Editing Suite
  • Regular Updates & Nightly Backups
  • Email & Chat Support
  • Maple Toolbox & Training Access
  • Detailed Analytics Dashboard
  • Monthly Service/Traffic Reports
  • SEO Configuration
  • Monthly Traffic Optimization
  • Unlimited Edits & Changes
  • Extra love and attention for sales, memberships, or online course sites.


$140 $120 /month
$140 /month
  • Unlimited support and edits for standard websites, blogs, and podcasts.
  • All the security and stability of Managed WordPress Hosting
  • Maple Builder Editing Suite
  • Regular Updates & Nightly Backups
  • Email & Chat Support
  • Maple Toolbox & Training Access
  • Detailed Analytics Dashboard
  • Monthly Service/Traffic Reports
  • Unlimited Edits & Changes


$65 $55 /month
$65 /month
  • Regular maintenance and managed hosting for basic (beautiful) websites.
  • All the security and stability of Managed WordPress Hosting
  • Maple Builder Editing Suite
  • Regular Updates & Nightly Backups
  • Email & Chat Support
  • Detailed Analytics Dashboard
  • Maple Toolbox & Training Access

More Oomph... for Standard and Professional Care Plans

Detailed Analytics & Reports

Skim through a weekly report that details all of the completed work, updates, backups, uptime status, and even your analytics and SEO keyword review. No more guessing, it's time to see the data.

Extra Resources

Is your website starting to increase its traffic, revenue, and offerings? We can upgrade you to the speedy Google Cloud Platform and allocate extra resources to support your success online.

Regular Optimization

Every week when I review your site I will take note of simple optimizations that can be completed to improve your site's conversion rates. We'll be in a constant conversation about improving your website and online engagement.

Don't have a website yet?

Check out Build Your Website Essentials, a program that gets you started with a Maple website plus a 30 day program to set it up how you want. Read more about how I recommend you create your website.

Want to migrate your website to Maple?

Let's discuss whether the Maple platform is a good match for your website goals. Book a call with me and tell me what you want from your website. 

CleanShot 2022-02-18 at 16.46.09@2x

Ryan brings a holistic approach to online communication, always focused on the results. He's invested in understanding our mission and figuring out how to support us to achieve tangible outcomes.

Tammi Sweet, Heartstone Online

We've got your back

The best part about having a care plan is peace of mind.

You have someone who is making sure that your website is doing what you built it to do, attract the right people and introduce them to what you are creating for them.

Eventually you reach a point where you can't wear all the hats, and having an expert on retainer (me!) gives more leverage to all of your marketing efforts. No more wasted time and money guessing your way through online marketing.

A care plan means...

  • A new member of your team, always on call

    Hiring a staff member to manage your website is expensive – so clients who choose to hire me on retainer get all the benefits of an expert team player who can help run the website & provide marketing insight to help keep your project growing. 

  • Managed Hosting so you can just finally focus on content

    Have you ever logged into a website hosting account and been totally overwhelmed by all the options? Yeah, that's because there's a lot of details to manage. Managed hosting takes care of all of it; security, user access, server level caching... stuff you only need to know if you care to know. With managed hosting you can rest knowing all the technical details are covered.

  • A complete library of training & support videos

    Instead of searching Youtube for long-winded tutorials you can access a complete library of training videos by Maple. The library ranges from beginner to advanced functions and is neatly organized into categories. Maple clients also have access to Maple content templates, so you can write amazing content without ever looking at a blank page again. 

  • Unlimited website edits when you get too busy

    If your plan includes unlimited edits that is exactly what it means... unlimited. This is perfect for people who run busy websites that need regular attention. As you grow and as you create new things, you can simply chat with me and "boom", consider it done. 

  • Unlock client only a la carte services

    Get fresh content published for as quickly as $25 a post and always keep your website up to date. A website with content will attract the right people to your message. Hand-off website tasks with predictable outcomes. 

Let's talk about your website, marketing, and vision.

Choose a time that works for you to meet on Zoom or chat on the phone. Any questions, contact me with the chat icon in the bottom right. Talk soon.