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The 16 essential website skills to save time and grow your business

By Ryan Clover | June 1, 2022

Instead of guessing what you need to build a website – start with a 16-question website skills assessment.

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Planning and Planting at Maple Creative

By Ryan Clover | May 25, 2022

Last month I told you about Ecosia and gave you a list of our nature-aligned clients. Well, I am LOVING Ecosia and it’s my default search engine. Besides planting trees, it’s giving me better search results too. Coming up are a series of Springtime workshops to help you plan (or clarify) your website. This is…

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🌎 Happy Earth Day!

By Ryan Clover | April 22, 2022

For a long time, I would feel grumpy about earth day. Considering the situation of our planet, it should be earth day every day. But now I appreciate that it’s giving me a prompt to finally send an update to you and everyone else subscribed here to Maple. Happy Earth Day! Today I want to…

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Here’s the camera setup we use for Zoom meetings and Online courses

By Ryan Clover | March 25, 2022

If you teach online, and especially if you want to create your own high-quality videos from your desk, you might be ready to invest in your camera and audio setup. Good audio is the first priority to provide a good experience to your audience. Good video is mostly about good lighting and depth of field.…

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πŸš€ Launching a community to fight the oil & gas industry!

By Ryan Clover | December 8, 2021

This is a big week for us as we get ready to open the doors on our new Circle Community for Halt the Harm Network (screenshots below), a project serving people impacted by oil & gas pollution. We’re kicking off the community with an awards ceremony – honoring 4 leaders in different parts of the…

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Free Mini-Course – How to build a website that grows your business

By Ryan Clover | March 10, 2021

Chances are you’re not happy with your website, even if you’ve hired a professional, or started with a template. Despite the incredible amount of options, learning resources, and platforms, building a website is still challenging for most people. The biggest difference between doing it yourself and hiring a professional is process. A true professional (someone…

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3 Month Web Design Internship Available, June – August 2022

By Ryan Clover | January 19, 2021

Want to gain experience working with a mission-focused creative and design agency? Maple Creative is offering an internship opportunity where you can get experience in : working with clients website design and development freelance business management marketing and campaign design email marketing automation mobile app development solving interesting problems. Support Work You Care About During…

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3 things your website absolutely MUST have to build a business

By Ryan Clover | November 14, 2020

The most important thing to build your business (pro-actively) is having a list of leads, people who are interested in working with you. If your website isn’t providing you a list of all the people interested in working with you, then it’s simply a brochure and its impact is more or less a mystery. But…

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Acknowledging Native Land on Your Website

By Ryan Clover | October 12, 2020

Where do you live? I don’t mean, what state do you live in… rather, what is the original name of the place you live? If you don’t know off hand, now is a good time to look up whose land you’re currently living on. Find your location on this map: https://native-land.ca – then add these…

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Life Skills That Matter When Growing a Business

By Ryan Clover | October 8, 2020

I had a chance to chat with Stephen Warley, host of the podcast Life Skills That Matter. Listen to episode 346 on his website here. Even though the title is about becoming a freelance web developer, we don’t really talk about programming or anything like that. This is the story of growing a business starting…

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