Ryan Clover

Choosing Colors for Your Next Project

By Ryan Clover | August 24, 2020

I recently changed the color scheme for this website. Did you notice? Having a cohesive look and feel on your website shows a level of “togetherness” and makes everything else you’re doing more compelling. Your color scheme is a big part of that. Here are the top resources I refer to when building a color…

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How to access a complete photo library from inside your website.

By Ryan Clover | August 3, 2020

Unsplash for WordPress is finally here! Amazing. Unsplash, the free stock photo website with thousands of amazing images anyone can use on their website, is now available on WordPress. This gives you the ability to search for an image while writing a blog post, and immediately add it to your content. and probably much more.…

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Changes you can make to your website to support racial justice

By Ryan Clover | June 29, 2020

While fighting institutional racism (housing discrimination, prison industrial complex, police violence, racial profiling, etc….) is work we should all be doing in one way or another… There are some small ways your website can contribute to shifting the culture toward racial equity and social justice. This is not an exhaustive or particularly well researched list…

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Free Online Tools For Small Businesses (and nonprofits too)

By Ryan Clover | April 4, 2020

Most of my clients have been affected in some way or another by the pandemic, cancelling their programs, shutting down events, delays in the book launches, and sometimes complete inability to work with their clients. Right now we have an obligation to step up and help each other. Honestly, I feel like this obligation already…

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Maple Creative Covid-19 Response

By Ryan Clover | March 15, 2020

Here are a few calming updates in the midst of it all… Free Publishing for Non-profits & Care Plan Clients If you have a website, I’m now offering Free publishing services for nonprofits or care plan clients who need to post an announcement regarding this Covid-19 situation we’re in. Just complete the form and we’ll…

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Free Staging Sites for Clients!

By Ryan Clover | March 15, 2020

Do you ever want to experiment with something, try out a theme, or start developing that cool idea that’s been whirling around in your head? A staging site is the perfect place to do that. Especially now that Maple is providing themes and sample websites you can use to get started. What’s a staging site?…

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Announcing Remote Work Essentials

By Ryan Clover | March 12, 2020

Hey friends, This week has been a flurry of cancellations and tough choices. As a library director, I’m busy writing a remote work plan for 15 employees, many of whom are trying to figure out what their life will be like now that Cornell has cancelled classes and shifted to online programs for the rest…

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Avoid the Money Pit, Choosing the right theme for your custom WordPress site

By Ryan Clover | March 9, 2020

There is this HUGE confusion around WordPress themes I want you to understand – so after reading through this post you’ll be able to choose a theme wisely and avoid the money pit. Here’s the big secret. Themes are confused with templates. Most people browse through themes looking for something that looks they way they…

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Defining the Work : My plan to reclaim the weekend

By Ryan Clover | December 7, 2019

Project management isn’t about reminding people to work – it’s about clearly defining the work so that it’s actionable. How do we know project management is working? Well, turns out, we can measure it. Project management can be measured by how relaxed everybody is on their days off 🙂 That includes clients. Project management is…

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Core Biz Values of Maple Creative

By Ryan Clover | December 6, 2019

Core Values are the ideals that hold true regardless of the project you’re working on or the customers you’re currently serving. They represent the guiding vision for your work.  For me, I didn’t start Maple Creative to earn money. Of course, I want to make a living doing what I love, but the reason I…

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